JV with Liam Gray on drums and Bob Skeat on bass at the Half Moon Putney in August 2016.

JV and the guys at HRH Blues, Sheffield O2 in April 2016. JV, Jamie Mallender & Liam Gray went down a storm, making more friends and followers in the UK as a result...


The first TV appearance by Phoenix in 1976 - JV, Bob Henrit & Jim Rodford, was on this popular UK music show produced by Mike Mansfield.

We recorded the track live just prior to the show, then mimed to that recording on the actual show, as was the regular process back in those days...

Shot at Shepperton Film Studios, we were making a promotional video for the first Phoenix album, trying to recreate the feel of the live shows we were doing at that time. We used our full stage setup from the time (though we were miming to the album tracks) in an attempt to get a live feel to the thing - dig that makeup!!

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Here's the teaser trailer for the video John verity - My Religion the making of.

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As if proof were needed that JV is one of the hardest working men in show business, here's a clip of the band doing what they do best -  Rocking it LIVE on one of their My Religion on the road  dates.

The band is playing the title track of the new album - YAY

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Taken from a 'Rock Classic Allstars' gig in Bochum, Germany. I was guesting with the German house band, with my mate Jeff Brown playing bass for me. The guys in the band were great - we hadn't met before, they just learned the songs from my live album - and never put a note wrong (which is more than can be said for yours truly)! Great gigs, with amazing audiences who were really up for it - no matter what type of material was thrown at them they just seemed to be there to enjoy it. Excellent.

John Verity talks through his Fret-King Black Label Series Signature Model - Corona JV - designed by Trevor Wilkinson. The video, shot in December 2012 features JV playing and explaining in his own words, the ideas behind the design.

Filmed at the ROUNDHOUSE in Camden , London during the Argent 'Circus' tour in 1975. The gig was fantastic - a total sell out with the audience raising the roof. The people were so into it that the special Press Enclosure there was swamped and most of the press attending the gig retreated to a local pub - from where they wrote their reviews of the gig!! The whole gig was filmed, but most of the footage seems to have disappeared mysteriously! This clip was used for a show in Germany which also featured the Zombies album that I played on...

Terry (Uttley) and I did this promotional visit to Holland to promote my single 'What About Me'. The clip here is from a TV show we did en route - I think it was a Saturday morning show. My miming is perfect until the last line...

Recorded June 2013 at Tilfest, Cambridgeshire UK

JV with Bob Henrit on drums and Mark Griffiths on bass...