'Passion' is JV's 21st album and is now available at Amazon as well as iTunes and Spotify (try OK Google (or Alexa) play  John Verity)

Passion doesn’t just mark the fiftieth recording and performing year of John Verity as a solo artist (along with a notable stint in Argent before founding Phoenix, followed by a time with Charlie).  It’s also a collective celebration of some of the musician’s biggest influences or, in John’s own words, “a summary of my influences but with a careful eye on not making the approach too diverse; there’s a cohesive feel across the whole album.”  That diverse yet cohesive statement is reinforced by the musical quality and width of Passion.  This Album documents fifty years of musical travels across eight wonderful tracks from a man who most certainly still has the PassionRoss Muir

Passion’ is a great update for fans, re-stating his credentials as one of rock’s real national treasures.  David Randall

The CD Digifile Cover has 20% of the carbon footprint of a jewel case.  It is made from FSC certified, 100% sustainable card, non-toxic ink and is 100% recyclable and safe for future generations.

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