OK, what is JV Backstage Pass?

It's your gateway to loads of exclusive JV content. 

We've put together an ever expanding collection of videos, recordings, photos and other cool stuff, plus depending on which TIER you choose you get access to regular live streams by JV, and the Band. There are lots of great exclusive offers on merchandise, and special hi quality edits of each of the live streams that we do. We'll be offering VIP access to soundchecks once we get back on the road, and you can request tips and tricks from the guys, both online, and when we meet. Premium subscribers will take part in the brand new JV Backstage REMIX project!


Check it out, I'm really excited about it - it's something I've been meaning to do for years but not got around to. It's a great way to keep in touch with our fans during these crazy times and a way for me to keep solvent until things turn around, though it will of course be an ongoing project. Most of the stuff I'll be sharing via Backstage Passes will be exclusive. Live Videos, chats, recordings, tips and tricks, and opportunities to recommend material for recordings and the live show.

We've created a Private Facebook Group for doing exclusive live streams available only to those with a JV Backstage Pass. Time to build our own community!


I refuse to let this crisis get to me - come on, let's get together!!