Here are the latest reviews of "Blue to my Soul" the lastest Album from JV, updated as they come in.  Buy your copy Now!!! and then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Blue To My Soul is, an album that, as its title reinforces, plays from where John Verity’s musical heart and soul lie, but with a more varied menu that flits between full on blues, radio friendly hooks and a couple of stylistically different offerings."Ross Muir FabricationsHQ

 "It is rare to find music so complete, so perfectly layered and multi-faceted as that contained on this record."  - Sunmouse Amazon Review

"John's guitar playing is a joy, whether it be soulful acoustic or driving amplified in style. What marks him out from others, to my ears at least, is his timing and feel which are close to perfection."  - Peter H Amazon Review

 "This album was clearly made with love, by a man with a voice from out of this world....and guitar playing that blows your mind!" - Temp20148 Amazon Review