PHOENIX - 30th anniversary re-issue 'CD'
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PHOENIX - the 30th anniversary re-issue of an album which influenced the late 70s new -wave of UK heavy rock... - First Released 1976 Re-Released December 2006

Following the demise of ARGENT, John Verity, Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford decided the time was right for a much more straight ahead approach and with this in mind wrote and recorded a series of tracks at Trident Studios, London. The resultant PHOENIX recordings were released in 1976 on vinyl, and have never been available on CD until now... The timing was not right for the band to achieve the success it deserved, but nevertheless the album proved to be a huge influence on many musicians disturbed at what was happening on the UK music scene in the mid- 70s. There was a new-wave of UK rock later in the 70s and early 80s - but heres your chance to check out some of the work which influenced this new breed of UK rockers... PHOENIX - HENRIT, RODFORD, and VERITY.

If you fancy yourself a British rock historian, Phoenix is a power trio you should know about. - Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

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1. Easy (John Verity) 2. Drowning in Tears (Jim Rodford) 3. From the Ashes (John Verity) 4. Winnebago (Robert Henrit) 5. Try a Little Rock & Roll (John Verity) 6. A Woman Like You (John Verity) 7. Missippi Kneckbone (Jim Rodford) 8. I'll Be Back For More (John Verity) 9. Honey (John Verity) 10. I'll Be Gone (Robert Henrit)

PHOENIX: John Verity - Guitar, Vocal. Robert Henrit - Drums, Percussion. Jim Rodford - Bass, Vocal, Guitar & Keyboards.