John Verity Band - First Album... 'CD'
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There have been many requests for this album to be re-released on CD, and finally it's here... Re-mastered from original sources - just as it sounded way back in the 70's. These are the very first studio recordings by the JV Band - recorded in London just before John joined Argent, and released for the tour when the JV Band supported Argent. Soon after this tour ended, JV was asked to join Argent - the rest, as they say, is history! Very much of its time, harking back to the days when new bands were allowed a 'first album' with very little record company intrusion, so that fresh ideas could be explored, maybe some mistakes made, but the freedom to experiment and stretch out in the studio for the first time...
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Track listing : 1.Schoolgirl 2.5000 miles 3.I wish 4.People 5.Hitch-Hiker 6.Gimme some lovin' 7.So hard so long 8.It's alright 9.Back on the road again

John Verity. (Vocal and guitar). Ron Kelly. (Drums) Gerry Smith. (Bass) Geoff Lyth (Keyboards and guitar)