John Verity Band - Say Why?
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John Verity Band - Say Why? - Released July 2007 Say Why? was recorded and mixed at my place in Bedfordshire. It's the usual subtle mix of blues and rock that those of you who have seen our recent shows have grown used to!!! Robert, Mark and I laid it down in double quick time, and the lovely Gary Moberley came in later to put some great keyboard parts down - the icing on the cake... Thanks also to Jeff Dakin for excellent blues harp on 'The One'... Mostly pretty light-hearted stuff, probably, with the exception of the title track! The words for 'Say Why?' just tumbled through my pen on to the paper it's just the way I feel about things - JV

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Track listing : 1.BB King 2.Prove your Love 3.This Old Dog 4.You are the one 5.Say Why 6.Down the Road 7.Walkin' the Blues 8.Too Hot to Hug

John Verity. (Vocal and guitar). Robert Henrit. (Drums) Mark Griffiths. (Bass) Gary Moberley (Keyboard) Jeff Dakin (blues harp on 'The One')