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If you are a patron with a Backstage Pass, you may enter your credentials here to access exclusive material and discounts.

You may subscribe to become a patron, we currently have Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum Passes.


Bronze is for those with busy lives who have little time to spare for viewing more content than they already have access to.

* You are simply pledging this amount per month to help support JVs career, and the careers of his compatriots. You will however have early access to tickets and releases.

Silver is for JV Tech Supporters who want to chat about studio and performance techniques via Private Facebook Group and Zoom live streams. You will have unlimited access to JVs Private Facebook Group so you can look back anytime at previous live streams.

* JV will answer your questions and give advice across a wide range of subjects including guitar tips and studio techniques. There will be access to JVs Private Facebook Group for regular live streams, plus access to special discounts and offers on merchandise not available elsewhere.

Gold is for our VIP Supporters who have access to everything on the lower levels and in addition will receive regular invites to private exclusive HD edits of the live streams and recordings of JV solo and band performances.

* When the band is on the road there will be fly on the wall streams via the Private Facebook Group, videos and opportunities to look in on us backstage at gigs and in the studio.

Wherever possible, Gold supporters will be able to attend soundchecks at selected shows.

Platinum is our Premium tier. Members will be able to access everything from all lower tiers plus the opportunity to attend Zoom sessions with JV, and sometimes the whole Band.

You will also be invited to look in on JV songwriting sessions on the Private Facebook Group, or Zoom.

When we get back to gigging again, Platinum supporters will be able to attend live show soundchecks, and where there are facilities at a gig there will be opportunities to hang out with the band prior to a show when time allows. 

* A Brand New Premium bonus is the JV Backstage REMIXER project. You can choose to participate, or simply sit back and watch the fun!

Once a month JV will send you 6 tracks of audio - this might consist of one stereo track and four mono tracks depending on the type of project.

Typically the tracks will be:

1. Drums & percussion (stereo).

2. Rhythm guitar.

3. Bass guitar.

4. Lead guitar.

5. Vocal.

So, using music software such as Garage Band you will be able to create your own mix of the track - or if you want to sing or play you can add your own performance!

If you're not familiar with music software don't worry, you'll be helped along the way by JV.

Walk this way & jam along with JV - its a gas!! :-) 

So, join our community by simply clicking on the PayPal link - you don't need a paypal account and it's easy to choose the level you want:


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