1972 "John Verity Band" Probe/ABC Records

1975 Argent "Circus" Epic Records EPC 80691

1975 Argent "Counterpoints" RCA Records RS 1020

1976 "Phoenix" CBS Records 81621

1978 Argent "Hold Your Head Up" 31640

1979 Phoenix "In Full View" Charisma CA1-2208

1981 Charlie "Good Morning America" RCA Records RCALP5040

1983 Verity "Interrupted Journey" PRT Records LBP100

1985 John Verity "Truth of the Matter" PRT Records LBP 7971

1989 Verity "Rock Solid" Sierra/ WEA Records LBR100

1995 John Verity Band "Hold Your Head Up" Making Waves Spray CD305

1995 "Whole Lotta Love" Tring International GRF350

2001 John Verity - "From the Heart" (Vavoom Records) Vv003

2004 John Verity Band - "Routes"   (Vavoom Records) Vv004

2005 John Verity and Max Milligan - "Unplugged and Unhinged"   (Vavoom Records) Vv005

2006 John Verity Band - "Live 101 "   (Vavoom Records) Vv006

2007 John Verity Band  "Say Why" (VaVoom Records VV007

2010 John Verity "Unplugged & Unhinged Again" (VaVoom Records) VV2010

2010 Phoenix "Still Burning" (VaVoom Records) VV110

2010 Phoenix 'Stay With Me Baby" EP (VaVoom Records) PS1

2010 Verity "Rise Like The Phoenix" (VaVoom Records) VV110B

2011 John Verity Band "Leo Had It Right" EP (VaVoom Records) VVleo1

2012 John Verity "Its a Mean Old Scene" (VaVoom Records) VVmos11SE

2014 John Verity "TONE HOUND on the road to Corona" (VaVoom Records) VVTH1

2014 John Verity Band "Got The Blues For Xmas" (VaVoom Records) VVJVX

2015 John Verity Band "Live at Bosky" (VaVoom Records) VVLaB01

2015 John Verity Band "Back Door Santa" (VaVoom Records) VVJVX2

2015 (remastered) John Verity "ZEP It Up!" (VaVoom Records) VVZep

2016 John Verity "My Religion" (VaVoom Records) VVMR01 and VVMR01V

2017 John Verity 'Blue to my soul' (VaVoom Records) BTMS17

2020 John Verity - "Passion" - (VaVoom Records)

2022 John Verity ' "Blue' - (VaVoom Records)


1976 Phoenix "Easy" CBS Records

1977 Phoenix "Time Of The Season" Rocket Records

1980 Phoenix "Juliet" Charisma Records CB359

1981 Charlie "Perfect Lover" RCA Records RCA62

1983 Verity "Stay With Me" PRT Records LB1 And 12LB1

1983 Verity "Rescue Me" PRT Records LB2 And 12LB2

1984 John Verity "What About Me" PRT Records LB3

1985 John Verity "Honesty and Emotion" PRT Records LB3800

1987 Verity "2 Hearts Burning" Sierra Records FED33

1987 John Verity "I Want You" Sierra Records FED40