jv live 2017

John Verity Band Live 2017 is the first completely live set from the band for some considerable time. ‘Playing live in front of an appreciative crowd is the best part of what we do – it’s what keeps us rocking’ says JV. This live set features regular favourites, plus a selection from the current JV album ‘My Religion’ - of course ‘Hold Your Head Up’. Recorded at one of the bands favourite venues, the Stables has been the scene of many great shows from JV and the band, and this show is one of the best… Over an hour of great music played in a fantastic venue in front of an amazing audience. You can be there…

John Verity Band Live 2017 John Verity Band Live 2017 Available on DVD  but you can enjoy it RIGHT NOW!! Most smart TVs will have the Vimeo app - if you have a chromecast dongle, Apple TV, Roku box or a Smart TV check it out now,  If you don't know how to do it, grab a passing teenager - While you're at it, introduce them to JV, they'll thank you for it one day :)  You can also watch it on your PC - check out the trailer - you'll see it's the next best thing to being there!!

Now available on Amazon.

JV and the band rock their way through Help Me, Double Trouble, Prove Your Love,  Blues is My Business,  Cocaine, My Religion, Hold Your Head Up, Purple Haze and many more of your favourites in over an hour of rocking good music (with a half-time break to top your drinks up :)

The quality is amazing, as you would expect from LeighTarrant and the team, the great flavour of live right there in your front room.

An amazing year!

We've had the pleasure to work with some amazing musicians again throughout 2016 - here's to more of the same as we approach an exciting New Year...

Here are some pics of the varying lineups - Longest serving first!!

 Bob Henrit

Henrit 1

My Old Mucker Mr Henrit. Over 40 years sharing the same stage/studio with many more to come - we hope! 

We first worked together with Argent of course, then Phoenix and just about every JV recording since - including the Christmas CDs!

Henrit xmas

Here's Bob enjoying our Christmas recordings!!!

 Next up 

John Gordon

New to the JV Band lineup in 2016, but John worked with us on 'Phoenix' way back. Welcome back John!

Guinness 1

 Next up

Steve Rodford

Eldest son of JVs former partner in crime with Argent and Phoenix Jim Rodford, Steve first worked with us on 'Interrupted Journey' and the tour that supported that album, Steve has recorded and gigged with us regularly since including some dates in 2016. Current regular band is the Zombies.

Steve 2

 and Next, is

Mark Griffiths

Featured bassist on 'My Religion' and many previous JV albums. JV and Griff also play Unplugged dates together - Griff is a fabulous guitarist as well as a first class bassist. A very talented chap:-)

JV Griff Sept 2014

 Next up

Bob Skeat

Featured bassist on 'My Religion', Bob's main band is Wishbone Ash but he always finds the time to join us for a few dates each year..

Skeaty 2

 Next, is

Russell Rodford

 Yet another Rodford!

Russell 1Russell plays both JV Band and Unplugged dates, on bass. Russell is also a talented guitar player often seen working with Jim & Steve in their band 'The Rodford Files'

 and now...

Jamie Mallender

A fellow 'Fret King' player, Jamie has his own band 'Swear Box' but still finds time to work with us - also a featured bassist on 'My Religion'.

Jamie is one of the hardest working musicians we know - hard to catch at times but we have him for plenty of shows in 2017:-)

Jamie 2


Liam James Gray

 He's only 12! (only kidding) Liam is our newest member, another hard working muso guaranteed to go far - but not too far just yet we hope! Lots of JV dates in 2016 with more to come in 2017...


 Last but not least!

The only 'non performing' JV Band member.

The lovely Carole Verity (on the right!) holds the whole thing together, booking dates, organising the guys and sorting our merchandise.

john and carole verity



 Thanks to Phil Lightwood-Jones, Leigh Tarrant, Trev Earl Simon Dunkerley, Geoff Oldfield, John Bull, and Roger Hubbard for the pics... :-)

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gold jv guitar

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