Gear update:

The 'Fret King Black Label Corona JV Signature' my main guitar on stage and in the studio - my pride and joy!

Follow the link to see/hear one:


The core of my tone - Effectrode Blackbird.

I use this as a tube/valve front-end for everything I do. My amps are basicically set flat and the Blackbird does the rest - lovely cleans, and then my slightly overdriven/hot sound that cleans up nicely with the guitar volume control. Lovely!

See one here:

Hear one on every electric track of the new JV album - 'Tone Hound - on the last train to Corona'

When I need to rock things up a little I turn to TwinStomp - these great pedals give me some grit when I need it with their S21 Overdrive, and TwinStomp AB-Y boxes split the signal between my amps to ensure noise-free performance in all gigging situations. Priceless!

Check 'em out here:!twinstomp-s21overdrive/cdbz

Current stage amp setup - JV BBs combined with my Marshall 1974's are a killer combination!

4 x 10" plus 2 x 12" speakers - all made by Tayden in ENGLAND!

JV Amps May 14

The JV_BB Heads with Tayden loaded 2 x 10" cabs plus Marshall 1974/1974x loaded with Tayden 12s ...

The 10s and 12s sound truly amazing together...


The rest of my pedalboard currently consists of a Delay pedal and Mooer Tremulator. I'm still searching for the ideal Tremelo pedal, trying out various combinations but nothing settled yet. In the studio I use the trem on my Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb...

That I, and many other gigging guitar-slingers are going to be getting one of these...


Designed by guitar-wizard Thomas Blug this thing sounds amazing and is so compact it will fit into the front pocket of your guitar bag!

I hope to be doing a video demo soon just to see how well it works for JV-type tones but from what I've heard - Thomas & I often work at the same trade events, it will be just perfect.

Check out the details here

While you're at it check out some of the stuff on YouTube featuring Thomas - he's brilliant.

Like I said, we often strut our stuff at the same events - but he usually wins (on penalties!!).


Tayden - JVs loudspeaker of choice...

I used the special Taydens this week for the first time in proper gig situations and was just blown away - they're excellent!

Paul at Tayden very kindly voiced some speakers especially for me following discussions we've had about what I'm looking for in speakers for my setup, and the results are spot-on.

I like to use a combination of 10" and 12" speakers, but with a particular formula not always found in stock models.

Paul listened to what I had to say and came up with the perfect solution -

specially voiced versions of his 'True Brit' (10") and 'Brit 60' (12") drivers.

I'm proud to endorse these hand-made, in England, loudspeakers and would say to any guitarist out there looking to improve their setup - try some Taydens - you'll be impressed...

Tayden retail distribution is via 'Lean Business'

Trade and professional enquiries:

It's JV Fret King time!

OK - Now my main stage guitar, the Fret King Corona JV is well played in having done lots of gigs/sessions during the latter half of 2013...


Sounds better than I could have hoped - well done Trev (Trev Wilkinson) you're a genius!

The actual guitar is in 2-colour sunburst - no red paint to obscure the vital resonances required to get the authentic JV sound!

A second option - Translucent White will be available in 2014

Don't be fooled by the 3 single coils - there's a further coil hidden under the scratchplate that ups the output considerably..!


JHS Event - JV at the Fret King stand with the very handsome Lars Mullen!


First outing for the Fret King JV signature, at the JHS Event - with Bob Henrit on drums,

and the amazing Gav Coulson on bass...


OK - we've gone a step further with the amps...

The little 18 watt Marshall 1974 one of my favourite amps of all time.

I discussed with designers ways in which it might be made even better, and after much experimentation a new speaker combination was decided on - a pair of 10" speakers plus a single 12". We tried all three speakers in a single cabinet - worked great! But even better in 2 separate cabs., one for the 10's and one for the 12".

We ran Celestion speakers in the early test rigs but soon after taking delivery of some Tayden speakers there was no contest - Tayden is now the JV loudspeaker of choice!.

They come highly recommended - a certain Mr J Beck is using them in his Fender Combo's! 

Watch this space!

JV :)

The Mean Old Scene sessions heralded a change of gear, first of all in the the studio and then the stage rig.

Though I love my Fender Prosonics I've wanted to review my setup for some time and early in 2011 started talking to various amp manufacturers about the possibilities.

After much procrastination (big word!) I accepted the offer from Marshall to try out some of their amps - both old and new. I was a Marshall user in the 60s but went over to Fender until this recent search for the 'sound in my head'. I haven't liked any of the current Fender amps I've tried - or Fender Europe's attitude toward professional users so the search was on for an alternative. Marshall have been just great - I've tried lots of combinations but it wasn't until I got my hands on a 1974x re-issue that things started to take shape. The 1974 is Marshall's little 18 watt combo - sounds beautiful but I needed just a little more power. The Bluesbreaker combo was almost there but after much trial an error I arrived at my perfect combination - a JTM-45 head with 2 1974CX single 12 cabinets. Marvellous!

I still wasn't ready to abandon my Prosonics completely though, and had a feeling that the Marshall & a Prosonic would sound great together... So, an AB-Y splitter was the order of the day to link the 2 amps properly and the search was on!

I was so fortunate to find TwinStomp pedals early in my search - they make an excellent AB-Y splitter, and also another couple of pedals that really pulled my new sound together. Those who have followed my career will know that I have an aversity to pedals, as often they can ruin your tone, even when not switched in.

Not so with these TwinStomps! I'm using the AB-Y pedal connect the 2 amps but also the TwinStomp Overdive, and TwinStomp Booster.

Any players reading this should get their hands on these amazing pedals - they sound great, and have no effect on your tone when they're switched out - and they're MADE IN ENGLAND - by hand - perfect!.

The final link in the chain was to get a Prosonic split into head/cab format- I wanted a 4x10 instead of the 2x10 combo I had.

Eventually I had both head and speaker cabs built in the style of a '63 Fender piggy-back - white Tolex with oxblood speaker cloth. Beautiful!

The new rig sounds amazing - oh & it looks pretty good too..!

jJohn Verity with gibson on stage

Gibson back in my life!!

Well, well people often ask me why they find me using Strats these days after so many years using my white Gibson.  I suppose the quick answer is that in the early 80's I decided to 'retire' the Gibbo and asked John Diggins (Jaydee Guitars) to build me some workmanlike instruments which would be perfect for the rock stuff on the 'Interrupted Journey/Rock Solid type material.  We came up with the ideal solution - the 'Jaydee Hooligan' - a single pickup, single knob guitar with a whammy bar... Fantastic guitars which I used as my main guitars for many years - I made one fatal mistake though, fitting Floyd Rose trems in place of the JD ones that came with the guitars. My friend Mally Siswick made a great job fitting them but they just don't last - need constant maintenance and repair which is both costly and inconvenient so I moved into Fenderland...

My current Strat is fantastic, and I'll never get rid of it, but my love affair with Gibson was rekindled recently when I got a Les Paul DC Pro - beautiful AAA maple cap, lovely neck & action and that classic Les Paul sound... Electric-wise I've never had a better set of guitars, the Strat, Les Paul, My Fret Kings (including the JV Signature) cover all bases, and in the studio I still have the Jaydee's if I want to behave like a Hooligan! plus a nice Tele (MIJ) and a Jazzmaster (MIJ) for good measure.

For unplugged work I've been using my Vintage acoustics but there'll be a new kid on the block today- A Gibson Montana J-45 Goldtop Limited Edition!!!  Fantastic, what an amazing guitar - plays like a dream and it's probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!!! Can't put it down...

Next in the collection will be a new 12-string acoustic - a Gordon Giltrap signature. I'm awaiting delivery, so more on this later. We used a 12-string on 'Say Why' - it sounded great but I foolishly bought an acoustic-only Washburn J28, and now I'd like to start using a 12-string in the unplugged set (not strictly speaking 'unplugged' you see - you wouldn't be able to hear us!)

Those nice people at JHS want me to play at their trade show in the spring so I mentioned that I would be also hopefully be using a 12-string and hey-presto they suggested I use one of their Vintage Giltrap signature models - job done! The 'Giltrap' uses my favourite 'Fishman' electronics, so should sound just fine...

VERITY - rise like the phoenix

JV's equipment for these sessions comprised:

Guitars - Fret King prototype 'JV Signature' model. Fret King Eclat 2. Fender 50th anniversary Strat.

Amps - Fender Prosonic. Fender Princeton Reverb. Fender Super Champ. Blackstar HT5

Effects - Blackstar HT-drive. Vox Wah Wah. Digitech GSP 1101. Heil Talkbox.

1. Say Why

Basic rhythm track was the Fret King JV signature straight into Fender Princeton Reverb.

First solo same setup but with the HT-drive pedal to lift it a bit...

For the second solo I used my standard gigging rig - Fender strat into Vox WahWah then a bit of stereo chorus and delay using the Digitech GSP 1101, then finally into a pair of Fender Prosonics (LOUD!)

2. Liar

Basic rhythm track same setup as Say Why - Fret King/ Princeton.

Solo Fret King signature into 2 Fender Prosonics with delay & chorus from Digitech GSP 1101.

3. Time of the Season

Basic rhythm track I played using the the same set-up as before as we laid down the track, but after Griff added the acoustic guitar parts I decided to get rid of most of my original part, just keeping the 'stabs' on bridge/ chorus sections.

My first solo is Fender Strat through the Prosic rig as before.

For the second solo, and the fills throughout I used the Fret King signature through the Blackstar HT-5, with a genuine Heil Talkbox - sound great but makes you want to throw up when you're using it!!

4. Chuck-a-Boy

Basic rhythm track as before - Fret King signature/ Princeton.

Solo/ fills Fret King Eclat 2 straight in to a pair of Fender Prosonics.

5. If this is Love

Guitar 1 Fret King signature through Blackstar HT-5

Solo guitars Fret King signature into HT-5 drive pedal, then Fender Princeton Reverb

6. Too Hot to Hug

Fret King signature into Fender Superchamp - all guitars on this track

7. Stay With Me

Fender Strat into standard gig setup - 2 Fender Prosonics with Digitech chorus in GSP 1101

8. Out With The Boyz

Guitar 1 - Fret King signature through Fender Princeton Reverb with Digitech DSP 1101 chorus setting.

Guitar 2 - As above but with DSP 1101 on Leslie setting.

Solo/ fills Fret King signature through Fender Prosonics.

9. Got My Eyes on You

Rhythm tracks Fret King signature through Fender Princeton Reverb

Fills and solo guitars Fender Strat through 2 Fender Prosonics with chorus (delay in solo) from Digitech DSP 1101.

That's all for now folks!!