John Verity Band - 101 LIVE! On the edge.
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John Verity Band - 101 LIVE! On the edge... - Released December 2006 On Sunday October 1st 2006 the JV Band played to an invited audience at a small venue in rural Bedfordshire UK. We wanted to record live, but in front of a bunch of people who would have seen us at various different venues over the years and this seemed the best way to do it, so over a period of weeks we told people about the gig and invited them along... Anyway, the day came and we set up our stuff, went to the pub and came back to find lots of people waiting to hear some music! Oh s*^%! ... Time to deliver...The atmosphere was great in there, and despite gremlins in the recording gear, my fingers and Mr Henrits drums, we survived... Here is the result folks - as raw as it was on the day, loads of energy... Hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing it. TURN IT UP!!!
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1. Find My Baby 2. Dont Wanna Soul 3. Lookin Back 4. Black Magic Woman 5. Rocky Mountain Way 6. Down the Road with Me(Words and Music John Verity, Verity Music) 7. Cocaine 8. Prove Your Love(Words and Music John Verity, Verity Music) 9. Bad Case of Lovin You 10. Hoochie Coochie Man 11. Old Time Rock and Roll 12. Purple Haze 13. Oops! 14. Too Hot to Hug(Words and Music Verity/ Milligan, Verity Music) 15. Hold Your Head Up 16. Need Your Love So Bad
John Verity. (Vocal and guitar). Robert Henrit. (Drums) Mark Griffiths. (Bass) Recorded and Mixed in Cardington Bedfordshire October 2006... JV Photograph by Rob Vernon.